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Please note!
Events in Burgen and the surrounding region must take account of the current Corona risk assessment dictated by the latest level of infection.


Get to know Burgen's wines and specialities.

In close proximity to the world famous wine region of Bernkastel-Kues and Brauneberg, Burgen's wine shares the same unique terroir of the central Moselle region.

Our wine makers await your visit with eager anticipation.

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If you want to escape the stress and noise of the city, Burgen is just the place for you.

But Burgen has more to offer than peace and quiet and nature - an extensive network of award winning hiking and biking trails like the "Moselsteig" and atractive towns like Bernkastel-Kues and Trier complete an unforgetable holiday experience.

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Nestled at the end of a former Moselle valley...

Since the Romans built a burgus (military fortificaiton) here on celtic ground and thus established the village, (nearly) all roads lead to Burgen but none of them go anywhere else.

Burgen is free of any through traffic.

The bustle of the Moselle is only a short walk of 2 miles away - we are close, but not too close to the tourist centers of the central Moselle valley.

A few distances for reference:

Bernkastel-Kues: 6 miles
Traben-Trarbach: 15 miles
Idar-Oberstein: 30 miles
Trier: 30 miles
Luxemburg (city): 56 miles

Burgen is an ideal place to chill out but at the same time an ideal place for many activites.

Once a year...

The largest wine, agriculture and craftsman market in the Rhineland Palatinate

Due to a decision by the state parliament of the Rhineland Palatinate to prohibit events planned after the 13 March 2020 the market had to be cancelled because of the corona pandemic.
If you have questions, please contact the organiser.

Dealers, exhibiters and anyone else interested please contact the local authorities via
ortsgemeinde-burgen@t-online.de (Tel 06534-1528)
or the organisers via
elmarsbauernmaerkte@gmail.com (Tel 06534-448).

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