How to get to Burgen

We would like to point out that there are two villages with the name Burgen in the Moselle valley.

There is a Burgen on the lower Moselle near Treis-Karden (post code 56332) and our Burgen in the central Moselle valley near Bernkastel-Kues (post code 54472).

Even in the era of navigation devices and smartphones mistakes still occur.

Here is a map to help you arrive in the correct Burgen

Burgen community

Am Frohnbach 21
54472 Burgen
Tel: 06534-1528

Tourist office

Am Frohnbach 21
54472 Burgen
Tel 06534 93 34 25

Opening times:
Mo & Th 10am - 11am
Outside opening hours:
Tel 06534 94 86 42

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