Our Wine Estates

Wine tasting at our winemakers

Our vines thrive on the steep shale slopes around Brugen in the valley of the Frohnbach stream in a micro climate that is almost Mediterranean.

Do accept an invitation to a convivial and informative wine tasting at one of our wine estates and take the opportunity to sample some typical Moselle dishes.

And who knows - perhaps you will discover a new favourite wine...

Wine Queen Annika

and her princesses Annalena und Mira

Wine Estate
Kurt und Inge Auler

Garten Str. 6,
54472 Burgen,
Tel.: 06534-93147,
Fax: 06534-93148,
E-Mail: weingut-auler@web.de

Wine Estate Horst Bauer

Holiday accomodation

Fahlser Str. 23,
54472 Burgen,
Tel.: 06534-8679,
Fax: 06534-8679,
E-Mail: webmaster@horst-bauer-burgen.de

>>> www.horst-bauer-burgen.de

Wine Estate Becker

Wine restaurant

Holiday accomodation

Lindenstr. 1,
54472 Burgen,
Tel.: 06534-93203,
Fax: 06534-93204,
E-Mail: info@ferienweingut-becker.de

>>> www.ferienweingut-becker.de

Wine Estate Bohn-Leimbrock

Holiday accomodation

Lindenstr. 6,
54472 Burgen,
Tel.: 06534-383,
Fax: 06534-1490,
E-Mail: annette@keller-leimbrock.de

>>> www.bohn-leimbrock.de

Wine Estate Gorges-Müller

Wine Estate of the current wine queen Annika I

Holiday accomodation

Am Frohnbach 11,
54472 Burgen,
Tel.: 06534-8299,
Fax: 06534-949666,
E-Mail: info@weingut-gorges-mueller.de

>>> www.weingut-gorges-mueller.de

Wine Estate Ignaz Kühl

Holiday accomodation

Covered wagon excursions

Feidelweg 3A,
54472 Burgen,
Tel.: 06534-949018,
E-Mail: ignaz-kuehl@gmx.de

>>> www.weingut-ignaz-kuehl.de

Frohnbachtaler fine brandies

Günter Klein
Bergweg 2a,
54472 Burgen,
Tel.: 06534-940989,
Fax: 06534-940966,
E-Mail: info@frohnbachtaler-edelbraende.de

>>> www.frohnbachtaler-edelbraende.de

Wine Estate Ingo Norwig

Holiday accomodation

Covered wagon excursions

Am Frohnbach 1,
54472 Burgen,
Tel.: 06534-763,
Fax: 06534-949504,
E-Mail: info@weingut-norwig.de

>>> www.weingut-norwig.de

Ecovin Wine estate

Brauneberger Str. 2,
54472 Burgen,
Tel.: 06534-9487994,
Fax: 06534-9499846,
E-Mail: info@pauly-bohn.de

>>> www.pauly-bohn.de

Wine Estate Sauer-Platz

Holiday accomodation

Covered wagon excursions

Lindenstr. 3,
54472 Burgen,
Tel.: 06534-8845,
Fax: 06534-949210,
E-Mail: info@ferienweingut-sauer-platz.de

>>> www.ferienweingut-sauer-platz.de

Riesling wine estate
Mario Winter

Wines from Burgen vineyards and from Piesporter Goldtröpfchen

Fahlser Str. 16,
54472 Burgen,
Tel.: 06534-1281,
Mobil: 0151-19301739
Fax: 06534-9486099
E-Mail: winter-burgen@t-online.de


How about a "moveable" wine tasting?

Experience an attractive and diverse covered wagon excursion in the valley of the Frohnbach and the surrounding vineyards.

On the way you will learn lots of interesting information about vine varieties, the soil, the cultivation and care of the vines and can savour the results directly by tasting the wine.

It's the perfect combined experience of wine and nature.

(Those winemakers offering excursions are noted in the list above.)

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